Is there anyway to recreate the following question in Rise 360?

The issue I'm having is with transferring a Captivate quiz question to Rise 360. I need to have a question that requires a student to match (6) items with the appropriate categories, however some of the items go in the same category. For example:

Cat1: Recycling

Cat2: Standard Trash

Cat3: Hazardous Waste

  1. books
  2. cardboard
  3. bloody rags
  4. banana peels
  5. IV bag

It seems that the matching type of question in Rise requires the same amount of items and categories, so if I needed students to sort 20 items, I would have to have 20 categories, which wouldn't make sense if more than 1 item belongs in the same category. Has anyone figured out how to accomplish something like this?

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Karl Muller


You are correct: you need to have the same amount of drag objects and drag targets in the left and right columns.

Another important point to be aware of regarding matching type questions, is that all items need to be unique

So you cannot have two books items  that can be sorted into more than one category.

David Anderson

Hi Shiloh - While there isn't a specific interaction or quiz that does what you're asking, you could create a custom interaction in Storyline and insert it as a Storyline Block in Rise. If you want to share a mockup or example of your Captivate quiz, I'd be happy to take a look to help you build something comparable in Storyline.