Issue with SCORM file and Rise on iPhone


I'm having an issue with Rise SCORM 1.2 file on the iPhone (its working properly on my Android device and on my iPad).

When testing my course in my iPhone using the web link from Rise, it's working properly. But as soon as I'm exporting it to SCORM and test it from our eLearning platform (Axonify) or from SCORM Cloud, I'm always getting the same issue.

Seems like my first lesson is creating a bug in the SCORM. I'm not able to scroll down the whole page, and the page content doesn't fit the screen in width. I have 5 other lessons in this course, and those are all working properly. 

I'm thinking there could be one block that I'm using that is creating a conflict on iOS. That lesson is composed of those following blocks...

1. Image and Text
2. Divider
3. Paragraph with heading
4. Four column grid (with 6 items)
5. Divider
6. Paragraph with heading
7. Four column grid (with 3 items)
8. Divider
9. Heading
10. Heading
11. Accordion
12. Spacer

Here is a link to my training on SCORM Cloud

Thanks for your help, 


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Kirk DesRosier

Hi - My issue is similar. RISE courses packages for SCORM and deployed via LMS do not display in Safari. Just a white blank where the course should be and no error messages in the console. My LMS is brightspace and I tests a couple of different Rise packages and SCORM exports 1.2, 2004 etc...

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kirk – happy to lend a hand!

Can you share a little more detail on the device and if you tested your course in another LMS environment, like SCORM Cloud? I'd be happy to help you with that testing – if you'd like! Simply attach your export package to this thread using the Add Attachment button.


Kirk DesRosier

Hi Katie,

The actual package is quite large and I’ve nailed it down to being purely a Brightspace issue. If you have a Brightspace platform you can replicate this issue by:

1. Export any SCORM 2004 package from Rise including the demo projects that ship with Rise.

2. Test the package in SCORM cloud – It will play fine.

3. Import the package to a Brighstpace offering.

4. Visit the content using Safari on a Mac – the content will not appear.

smartfox media

We have the same problem again on the Iphone version 12.1.4.
The "Next" buttons are only sometimes displayed when scrolling down. (see attached video)
We work with moodle. We exported the Rise course again as LMS and tested it on Scorm Cloud, everything works great there. If anyone else had the problem and got it solved, we are grateful for any help! :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen!

Are you viewing the course on an iPhone?

If so, try opening the course Share link from your iPhone. This will open the course in your mobile browser outside of the LMS. 

If it displays correctly, I would reach out to your LMS administrator to nail down why Axonify isn't displaying the course correctly.