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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rajanikanth,

To make a section you'll need to enter the title name, and then press Shift+Enter. That'll give you those top headers, and within that you can add individual lessons. There isn't another sub-lesson beyond that. 

If this isn’t quite right, please let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to help.

Rajanikanth Reddy

Thank you, Ashley.

I think you got me wrong. The issue I have is different from what you explained.

I can create Top headers (Lesson) and also Individual lessons (sub-lesson). Example -

Lesson- 1

     Sub-lesson 1.1

However, if I want to add a subsequent Top header (Lesson), Example - Lesson 2, then the issue appears. The issue is, Lesson 2 also coming under Lesson 1 as sub-lesson.

Means -  once I create a Lesson and Sub-lesson structure, the subsequent Lessons are also behaving as sub-lessons of the previous lesson.

Here is an example for your reference.



Crystal Horn

Thanks for the Articulate Review link, Rajanikanth.  I see what you mean.  When you add your Lesson 2, are you using "shift + enter" to make it a top header?

Check out my Peek screencast to see what I mean.  If you can make a Peek of your process, that might help me to see what's happening on your side!  Thanks.