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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rajanikanth,

To make a section you'll need to enter the title name, and then press Shift+Enter. That'll give you those top headers, and within that you can add individual lessons. There isn't another sub-lesson beyond that. 

If this isn’t quite right, please let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to help.

Rajanikanth Reddy

Thank you, Ashley.

I think you got me wrong. The issue I have is different from what you explained.

I can create Top headers (Lesson) and also Individual lessons (sub-lesson). Example -

Lesson- 1

     Sub-lesson 1.1

However, if I want to add a subsequent Top header (Lesson), Example - Lesson 2, then the issue appears. The issue is, Lesson 2 also coming under Lesson 1 as sub-lesson.

Means -  once I create a Lesson and Sub-lesson structure, the subsequent Lessons are also behaving as sub-lessons of the previous lesson.

Here is an example for your reference.



Crystal Horn

Thanks for the Articulate Review link, Rajanikanth.  I see what you mean.  When you add your Lesson 2, are you using "shift + enter" to make it a top header?

Check out my Peek screencast to see what I mean.  If you can make a Peek of your process, that might help me to see what's happening on your side!  Thanks.

Rajanikanth Reddy

Thank you, Crystal. We are following the exact process as you explained in the video. We don't have an issue if we add sub-lessons for both the Headers.

However we don't have a sub-lesson for the second Header. Please refer the attached image and let us know if you need more info.