Issues pasting Ohm symbol into Paragraph text

I'm trying to paste an Ohm symbol from an external document into a paragraph text block. I had no issues pasting the symbol into an assessment question in Rise, so I tried to copy it from that question in the course and paste it into the paragraph text block. It shows up as "ff" instead of the symbol. What am I missing? 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Laura,

The problem is that the omega symbol you have pasted into your document may have been provided from the Symbol font in Word, for example. However, Rise is not using the Symbol font and so it displays the character for the font you are using in Rise that uses the same character code as the omega symbol in the Symbol font, if that makes sense.

What you need to do is to find a suitable omega symbol in something like a pdf document (or create your own pdf from Word that includes the omega symbol) and then copy the symbol from the pdf. When you insert it into your Rise document it should show an image of the symbol.

You can try this one if it suits:         Ω

Laura Johnson

Hi Ned - thanks for the reply! While your explanation makes total sense, I'm afraid the solution doesn't seem to work. I've pasted in the omega you provided and an omega from a PDF and they both displayed as the "ff." What's confusing is that some of the omegas display correctly in the editor, but as ff in the preview, and some are ff in both -- I've pasted them all from the same source. Any additional ideas would be much appreciated!