Issues with padding

We're having an issue with padding, specifically in Internet Explorer. The attached image has screen shots of the same lesson asset grabbed from Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. By design, we have removed the padding from the top and bottom of the graphic and also removed the padding from the top and bottom of the paragraph. As you can see, in Chrome and Firefox, it's fine (Also displays fine in Microsoft Edge).  Internet Explorer seems to be ignoring the no padding setting.
Obviously, we could move the text to a caption and the issue would be resolved, but the font is also much smaller in captions. We would like to use the method we're using to keep the font size consistent with all the other paragraphs.

Any help on an alternative resolution would be greatly appreciated.

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Justin Grenier

Thanks for telling us about this, Pat.

I tried an Image full width block followed by a Paragraph block and couldn't quite reproduce content that looked like your screenshot.  A few of us also played with Quote and Statement blocks, but none of them looked quite right either.

Can you confirm what blocks you used in the above example?  Even better, can you paste your Rise SHARE Link here for us?  Also, what version of IE and what version of Windows produced the IE screenshot?

 ...or if you'd rather share these details privately, you can do that here.

Thanks again!