Issues with playing Rise content on our Oracle LMS


Our LMS (Oracle Learning Management) does not support uploading published zip files. It has to link to a URL on a separate server.

I can get the content to display fine if I link the course to /scormcontent/index.html but it will not track or complete the course. I have tried linking it to /scormdriver/indexAPI.html but this doesn't display at all.

Is there any way to get this working as I think Rise could be a useful tool for us?

I have searched the forums for an answer and found a similar thread here but the answer seemed to suggest getting the LMS vendor to change something. This will be impossible for our organisation as the system we use is free to use for all NHS organisations across the country.

Any help appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kevin, thanks for your patience! I talked this over with our team, and Rise will not send tracking or completion data to your LMS if the published output is stored on a separate server. 

Hopefully other community members using Oracle Learning Management can chime in with their suggestions. To get to reach out to other Oracle users, you may want to add "Oracle LMS" to the discussion title.