Java script for time out


In our LMS we have a 30 minute time out setting. When creating Scorm packages in articulate storyline 3 there is a piece of Java script that is written into the package which allows for the person to step away from the e-learning and return 30 minutes later and the SCORM package and everything will show ok to the learner but the completion is not passed to the LMS because it has logged out after the timeout.

Is this also possible in Rise? 

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Lesley Condon

Thanks Ash. What I also don't actually understand is that the results in the Rise quiz are based on the pass/fail of the assessment, so even if the LMS did shut them out after 30mins of inactivity, there should be no result passed back to the LMS as there is no result to record. 

Am i missing something with the rise settings where inactivity records a result? 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lesley,

Rise should be sending a completion to your LMS based on what you set here: 

Did you choose the quiz option, and you're still seeing marked as Passed/Failed even if the learner hasn't yet reached/completed the quiz?

What LMS are you using? A good way to get more info about what's going on is to enable LMS debug mode for Rise. That'll show you exactly what information is being passed back and forth, and if you need help reading that our Support team is ready to help interpret for you!