Storyline file jumps in Rise

Hello Community!

For the first time, I'm experiencing an odd occurrence in Rise. When the learner visits the Introductory page, instead of opening at the top of the page, it jumps to a Storyline file at the end of the page, requiring the learner to scroll back up to the beginning of the page.  

Any idea why?




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Matthew Bibby

From memory, it may only happen in some browsers. 

I used to have a similar issue when I'd embed Storyline courses on a webpage. If the SL course had an input field, it would steal focus in IE11. 

I've got some code that resolved this, but I wouldn't expect it'd work in Rise.

This is really something that Rise should just handle by default.

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Holly. To confirm, I am seeing no matter how I alter your file, or even if I use a different Storyline file, the Rise lesson continues to jump down to the Storyline block in IE11.

Right now, the best workaround will be to add a continue button before the Storyline block to prevent the lesson from jumping. I'm sorry I don't have an ETA on a fix that we could implement at this time.