Jump (link) to a different content block within a lesson in Rise

Hi everyone,

Little Rise help please. I'm playing around with it and can't figure how to jump from one content block to another in a lesson. 

Example - I am covering a process that has four stages (one lesson per) and each stage has three sub-stages. At the intro of each lesson, I want to list the three sub-stages and have a short intro, then have a link to jump to another block.

I know I can create another lesson for each stage, but that creates a messy TOC and the silly "Lesson x of x" gets out of whack as well - any way to ditch that? Seems like it should be simple to get rid of! :)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Steve,

It sounds like you want to avoid a messy menu, so I've got some ideas that'll help maintain a streamlined Table of Contents.

Check out this Rise course that Tom Kuhlmann created. He used used a button stack each button linking to a different lesson to create the feeling of a "branching" interaction. 

Another option would be to provide links within one Rise course to separate learner-specific Rise courses. 

And if you're feeling really creative, try your hand at this tutorial on hiding menu entries to create the "fake branching" effect. 

Jennifer Gildea

I came here looking for the same feature. 

Basically, this is a global module, but I have some information that is for U.S. employees only and I'd like to provide a link or button so that those who are not in the U.S. can skip the rest of that section. For now, they'll have to scroll past it, but it would be nice to be able to provide a jump.

Mamie Patterson

I'm going to have to second (and third...) this emotion. Please consider adding this feature. I'm trying to talk someone off the ledge of the interactive PDF cliff and this ability to use hyperlinks to navigate in addition to the menu has become a sticking point (against the use of Rise).

Lubomir Koprda

+1 from me too, I have one module with 4 sections, but learners only need to complete either the first two or the last two depending on some criteria they have, so I'd like to be able for them to just press a button and it would take them only to their relevant sections, instead of forcing one group to skip through the sections they don't need.

Pauline Sebestyen

+1 for me too! I have lessons where all the content is the same for one role but some activities are role-specific so, at this point, I am adding instructions for them to skip the section if they aren't in that role. It's a pain and I'd love for them to click a link or a button to skip to a specific block. I am going to assume that this is a very popular request and a very important one for most of us IDs and Developers. Please, please consider adding this to the list of enhancements!

Internal Training

I also would like "anchor link functions" so that one can create navigation inside a chapter. But even better toogle  TOC visible/unvisible  subchapters and linking between those.

How about as interim solution for target group matching content, a new settings panel where we can identfy/input a list of target groups and then we could from that in edit on blocks simply tag the content we want the users to see?

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Agreed. I like using Rise a lot, but it seems like it's missing a lot of basic features you universally find in other programs. I would much prefer you build in basic features like this rather than adding in more showy features.

Two more examples:

  • Rise to save a course's full color palette beyond the two theme colors
  • Lock feature so courses can't be mistakenly changed when working with team members

You may find these features boring, but they would make it more user-friendly.