Knowledge Check feedback font colour

Mar 29, 2018

Against the white background of the knowledge check block, the default feedback font colour of #707070 has a contrast ratio of 4.95:1, meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards (which are the minimum we need to meet for compliance), but falling quite a bit short of AAA (which would obviously be preferable, because it's much nicer to have as accessible (and legible!) a course as possible).

Is there any chance the default colour for this text could be changed to #313537, the default colour for body text? This would raise the contrast ratio to 12.39:1, which is a great improvement in legibility.

The quiz lesson type suffers from a similar issue, but to a slightly greater degree due to two factors:

  1. When checking the font colour, it still shows up as #313537, despite it very obviously not being so when actually previewed.
  2. The feedback is given a light grey background in these lessons, which reduces the contrast further, to the point where it only barely passes WCAG AA standards.

Again, even with the grey background, if the text were the same colour as the default body text, the contrast ratio would easily meet WCAG AAA.

Screenshots of the text in its default colour and in the darker body colour attached for your reference.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tim.  I really appreciate you taking the time to so thoughtfully bring this up.  I'm going to pass your observations on to our team.

We want to help you make accessible courses that can provide a good experience for all leaners, so your feedback is an important part of the process.  I'll update this thread with any new information I can share.