Knowledge checks don't show as completed when learner returns to course

Hi team

Just wondered why the knowledge checks don't show as completed when a learner returns to a Rise course.   We've run into a problem with a course where a lesson has several knowledge checks and ends with a continue divider which requires content in the lesson to be completed before moving on.  Some learners have reported they have to redo the knowledge checks to carry on.

We've removed the continue divider which has solved the problem but it's not the best solution for this course.

Any thoughts?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Helen. The state of a knowledge check block won't be saved if you leave a course and then come back to it. Your continue block should still be unlocked however.

Do you have a continue block that relies on all of the blocks above to be completed? In that case, learners will have to redo the knowledge checks in that lesson if they leave before completing the lesson. An alternative will be to convert these knowledge checks into a quiz which will keep the progress as questions are answered!