Knowledge Checks Rise 360

Hi guys,

I have an query in knowledge check.

Actually in knowledge check let say I have four choices, and i know those options available i.e. feedback by choice, correct/incorrect/ etc. but i want some different kind of thing. like I want specific consequence for each option, which allows learner to see the consequence of each choice after submitting the KC. I can put those in feedback also, but each consequence have some content, graphic and interaction kind of thing. so is there any option to jump the learner in different section depending on the specific consequence??

Please help me on this ASAP :) or if you have any other idea so please do let me know...

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Salim,

Adjust the Quiz Retries option in Quiz Settings to allow the learner to retake the quiz if they receive a failing score. 

If you want the learner to restart the entire course after receiving a failing score, I would suggest adding a lesson after the quiz with instructions for the learner to go back to the first lesson. You can even add a button that takes the learner back to the first lesson.

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!