Knowledge checks within blocks

So, I've just shown Rise off to one of our Senior Learning Designers. They loved the ease of authoring directly within the browser and were most excited about the potential for building courses using blocks.

Currently, the big stumbling block for us is that blocks in Rise doesn't offer an option for knowledge checks. The majority of our client elearning would feature a mix of summative and formative assessment, so having an option to throw in a quick MCQ / MRQ or drag and drop interaction within a block lesson would be a big draw for us.

Hopefully this is on the roadmap?


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Career Time

Hi Adam,

If you don't need scoring, what about using the new flashcards feature for quick knowledge checks? You can use a block of text as the question, and then a block of flashcards for the answer choices. The back of each flashcard can provide correct/incorrect feedback. You could use this for MCQ and MRQ since you'll have control over what the back of each card says.