Labeled Graphic Cuts off

We have created multiple courses within Rise 360 using the Labeled Graphic block. It was brought to my attention that when our course is viewed through our LMS on the iPad the widow that pops up is hidden behind the menu. (first image attached) Our current solution is to have our learners flip the iPad to the vertical position or minimize the menu at the start of the course.

Is there a way for us to force this window to pop up on the left side instead of the right side of the marker to ensure it does not go behind the menu?

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Atlas Learning & Development

Hey Alyssa,

Thank you so much for helping us through this. Unfortunately your test course has the same issue on our end. We are using iPad 6th generation with version 13.6 installed. The sidebar option is set to Open on all of our courses. Right now the sidebar auto closes for vertical viewing on iPads but not horizontal in any of our Rise 360 courses. 

Test course on iPad

On a connected note, when we Preview the course on a horizontal tablet the window in question does not end up behind the menu. Could the issue be caused be the difference in resolutions between our courses from Rise360 and the iPad's resolution (2,084x1,536)?Preview of course

- Atlas L&D

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying! I'm seeing the same thing when I view the content on an iPad in landscape mode. When clicking Start Course, the sidebar starts open. The sidebar will only automatically collapse in portrait mode.

The good thing is, learners can scroll up to collapse the sidebar so they can have a better view of the labeled graphic. This short video explains. 

I would recommend adding a small note above the labeled graphic image to flip their devices to portrait mode if you're concerned that learners won't know what to do.