Lack of table options

I'm having issues using the table functionality in Rise. When the default table was created I was able to resize the columns briefly but as I added text to the cells it auto-resized and caused the table to exceed the webpage. I do not see a way to resize the columns with the auto wrapping.

Also, the ability to paste a table from excel or PowerPoint into Rise and have it create the table based on the paste would be very beneficial.

It does not seem like there are many options to tables in Rise when it comes to table formats outside of basic text formats, and column/row additions and removals. Is this accurate?

Lastly, there is an edit table option in the "settings" however it is grayed out and does not appear to do anything. 

I have tried to close out Rise and go back in and the options and formats are the same.


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Karl Muller

Hi Sara,

I find the Table Editor functions to be pretty comprehensive. Obviously it's nowhere near MS Word or Excel but I can do most things I need to. It is not recommended to change the overall width of the table, but I have changed column widths in the table without any problems.

You should be able to copy and paste a table from Word into Rise. That should bring the table and text over, but you would need to apply the table formatting in Rise.

Edit table in "settings" is just a label and has no function attached.

Sara Breedon

Thank Karl,

It has been rather frustrating trying to get something to work with the tables in Rise. My video shows how the table balloons out and lacks editing. This appears to be a product bug and caused by copy and pasting a cell from excel to the table cell in Rise. The table editor does not respond well with this functionality. I've found the table to be rather buggy in general as other posts have eluded. Inserting a new table does not always acknowledge the table editor. I've found multiple times that the editor does not respond and after a webpage refresh, it does. More frustrating stuff. After much trial and error, I found that I need to step into the excel cell and copy just the text otherwise the table reacts oddly in Rise. There is no clean way to do this except manual. Nice that it works in Word but I'd venture to say most tables are built with Excel or Powerpoint and it would be nice if it also worked with those.

Unfortunately, my descriptions in the table are rather long and because there are very limited options to size the width of the table I'm left with what it is. It doesn't even align with the width it allows for centered images. Pasting an image from my excel is unclean and the table I'm left with now is also rather unclean but the best Rise seems to offer.

There should be more options for formatting the table itself and images or paragraphs for that matter. All other "discussions" I've posted on.