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Dec 05, 2018


Firstly, Articulate recently implemented a small update to Rise. As a result, all new exports from Rise will need to include the most recent version of LearningJournal.js which is found at the usual link.

Secondly, at any time Articulate could update their code and bring a breaking change to the Learning Journal. Over a year ago, I shared this functionality freely with the community and the code comes with no warranty or support either implied or expressed. If at any time you want or need to remove the Learning Journal from your modules, simple remove any STATEMENT-NOTE entries that refer to the Learning Journal.

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I built a cool Learning Journal feature for Rise that has been very well-received. I thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to a. use it or b. improve on it.


The Learning Journal allows the learner to enter text responses to journal prompts throughout a Rise course. At the end of the course, the learner can print their learning journal of all their responses. The responses are saved to the browser so that they persist on future visits to the Rise course.


EDIT May 2019: At the request of a member of the forum, I created a HOW-TO video below that shows each step of the HOW-TO document in action.


Example Rise Course

HOW-TO Document

HOW-TO Video


Learningjournal.js file (right-click and save)


Learningjournal.css file (right-click and save)

Project github site

I would love any feedback and help to improve the functionality and code.

Mike Amelang

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Lauren Ellingham

Hi Mike,

I have created the journal, so thank you its brilliant, and for the most part it appears to work until i press print or email journal. 

Not all of the answers written down display in the journal.  I have exported multiple times using the same version of the module and each time I export, different answers seem to appear on the journal.  In addition, sometimes the email generates and sometimes it doesn't?

I am exporting to Web and viewing via chrome.  I read a previous comment that it may only work in an LMS only, is this correct as we are not sure if we are going to put it on the LMS or just have a web version.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


David Edwards

Mike, thank you, this is just what I was looking for and was able to use it to significantly improve a Rise course I just deployed. Did run into one issue in that unless I enabled the email button option, the print journal button would not appear. But come to think of it, I had already removed the js lines for the Print Actions button because I didn't want that, so maybe I messed something up in doing that. Anyway, many thanks!

David Edwards

Thank you, Mike. This is super helpful. Like some others, I would love to get the journal entries communicated to the LMS. And since I believe Storyline blocks can pass info to the LMS, and since storyline can also trigger Javascript, I was wondering if a Storyline block might be able to read the variables stored by the javascript entries and report them to the LMS, and maybe also handle the print function?

Mike Amelang


This functionality would totally rock. I am fairly certain that the Storyline block has access to the browser's localStorage, which is where the journal data is stored. The Learning Journal code is shared on github for anyone to fork and add functionality. I'm afraid I won't be able to, but go for it! :)