Learning Objects: large volume data management


I am fairly new to using Rise and I'm working on a course with LOTS of images placed and videos embedded.

I'm concerned about the volume of data that this course will be carrying once finished. Can anyone explain to me how learning object data is managed in Rise and whether there is a limit to what can be added to a course, or used by a single designer?



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Anthony Karcz

Hey, Kelly! Welcome to Rise 360! I'm a big fan of multimedia in courses, glad to see you're taking advantage of it. :)

While we don't impose limits on our end, I'd recommend checking with your LMS provider to see if they impose any limitations on data or file size. 

When you have a second, I also recommend checking out this article on designing courses for folks with slow internet. It offers great tips on how to ensure your content is accessible for everyone.

Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.