Limitation on number of lessons?

Hi!  I am creating a series of courses using Rise which contain 100 practice exercises for singers. Each practice exercise is lesson, and there are 100 exercises per course.  There seems to be a limitation on the number of lessons.  My course only goes to 52 lessons.  Is this by design or is it a bug in the program?  I would really like to have 100 lessons per course and not have to divide the content up into two different courses.  The exported file only displays 52 lessons.  The file size is 4.5 MB, which is relatively small considering the lessons contain an audio file, a single image, and two videos.  I would prefer not to post my content for copyright reasons.  Any ideas here?  

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Anthony Goss

Hi, Adam!  That is exactly what I used since each lesson is essentially the same format.  Glad to hear there is not a limitation on the number of lessons.  This tool is actually the perfect way for me to implement this current project.  Also, do you know TinCan export will be coming?  That is a feature that I will need when I finally publish.  

Adam Schwartz

Ahhhh - good to know Anthony. So that lesson duplication feature is not working as expected. What's happening is if you duplicate a lesson and then edit one copy, the edits are made to the other copy too. And also likely resulting in the issues you are seeing. 

We have a team working on this now and will have a fix next week at the latest. In the meantime, I wouldn't use that feature to create your lessons. (And I would start a new course just to be safe.)

TinCan export is being worked on now and will be available soon-ish. :-)

Mike Olivieri

Hi Anthony,

Here's another update on this. We have rolled out a fix for the duplicating lessons bug. You can now duplicate a lesson and that will work as expected. However, this may not fully fix the issues you're experiencing with showing 100 lessons. We're continuing to look into this and expect it to be 100% resolved soon. We'll be sure to keep you up to date.