Link courses on the LMS after scorm exports

Hi, I didn't see another discussion on this so asking.

Is there a way to link the courses created on Rise ? We would like to add a "Next Course Link" at the end of the course to link the courses in the LMS without going back at the end of each course to the LMS summary. 

We only found "Exit Course Link" to add a link that lets learners easily return to an LMS. 

Thank you very much for your help ! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marina,

I'm curious to know more about this concept! What LMS are you using? Does your LMS provide direct links to courses?

Keep in mind that Course B would have to be exported and hosted on your LMS before you can add the link in Course A. 

Then you could possibly add that direct link to a Rise Button Block, like this one below.

From there, I would give it a test run in your LMS to be sure everything works correctly. You'll especially want to test whether the completion data for each course is tracked correctly, since linking one course inside another one could affect that. 

Give it a shot, and let us know how it goes! 

E-learning Thinkovery

Thank you very much for your reply !

We export courses created on Rise on Syfadis LMS and would like to link the 2 courses with a button so that the learners could access the next course without going back to the LMS general page. 

Apparently there is no way to add button links on Syfadis. 

How could I add that button at the end of a course in Rise please ? 

Thank you so much for your help ! 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marina, 

Have you tried using the "Button" interaction in a Rise Blocks lesson? 

You can program the button to go to a webpage, jump to a different lesson, or exit the course (LMS only). 

For your set up, you'd first need to export course B, and then upload to your LMS.

Once you've uploaded, you'll grab the link from your LMS and add that as a link to a Web page on a button at the end of Course A. You'll then export and upload Course A to your LMS.

Keep in mind that linking these two may cause issues with course tracking or registering completion in your LMS, so it's important to thoroughly test it out before deploying to your team!