Launch an interactive simulation from a Labeled graphic using Replace with embed (iframe).

May 10, 2021


I have created a bunch of interactive Software Simulations using Active presenter.

I exported each SIM as SCROM 1.2 and uploaded them to our LXP/LMS (FUSE), then I tested them, and they all work.

I want to launch these simulations from within a RISE course.

Initially, I used the button feature located within the INTERACTIVE menu and launched the SIMs linking to its URL; this worked perfectly.

Can I launch the SIMs using either the Labeled graphic feature or Tabs feature located within the INTERACTIVE menu using Replace with embed (opening the SIM, in a new Tab); so far I can't seem to get this to work... It won't load the SIM.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Aaron. First I'd like to ask if these interactions work when you use an embed block from the multimedia library? 

The second section of this article is generally how I approach adding embedded content into Rise, by using the iframe embed code rather than just the URL. Let me know what you think!