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Jun 05, 2020

In Storyline, once you upload a file to the course, you can generate a link to it using the file path it will export to (e.g., story_content/external_files/Sample_File.pdf). Is that possible in Rise?

I find the Attachment block in Rise a little ugly. I have a list of resources I'd like to include at the end of my course using the Button Stack block, but I can't link to attachments there - only URL. I'm hoping if I can figure out the file path (like I use in Storyline), I can link to file attachments that way. Is this possible?

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Pauline.

Some folks have created a workaround to "link" those types of files. You can do this by:

  • including resource files in a separate course as attachment blocks,
  • exporting and hosting the resource course,
  • and using the attachment block URLs from the published resource course in a button stack block in the other, actual course that learners see. Find those URLs by hovering over each attachment block in the published course.

When clicking from the button stack, the learner should be directed to download the attachment as though they had clicked on the attachment block.

As long as your hosting platform doesn't get in the way of using links from another Rise 360 course, this should help you get the look and functionality you want!

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