Links in Storyline Blocks within Rise

A big client wants an interactive world map where every country is clickable and leads to a new page in Rise. I tried to achieve this by creating Blocks in Storyline, and have triggers that says that when user clicks on the hotspot; the URL for the respective country's page in Rise should open. But when I click on the country in Preview Mode in Rise, I am automatically taken into Edit Mode. So is this even possible? What is the correct link to set as URL in Storyline?

Share-link to project here. Only Sweden and Finland-maps are active yet.

Please advice...



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there! If your client plans to use the Share link to share the course with learners, then you can use the unique Share URL for each lesson when viewing the Share link. 

For example, the URL for each lesson should begin with

However, if your client plans to host this course on a web server or LMS, there isn't a way for you to use the lesson links inside of a Storyline block. That's because you wouldn't have access to those lesson links until after the course is hosted online.

Let me know if that makes sense!