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Mike Dunn

Hi,  sorry for hijacking a year old thread.
I'm trying to do the above but with a custom Subject Line and Body text for the email. 

I'm using the Interactive Button in Rise 360

The tool above provides this string (example data)



if I choose the 'Send an email' the following happens in the opened email

To = mailto:user@example.com

Subject = Example Text

Body = Dummy body text?subject=<course title>

If i choose the 'Link to URL' the entry is prefixed with http:// when I finish editing.



Is there a solution to using an custom subject line and or body text?



Matthew Bibby

Hey Mike,

I believe the only way to do this currently is to use a link shortener. So, for example:

  • In your interactive button, set the Destination to Links to a webpage
  • Go to tinyurl.com (or whatever link shortener you want to use) and paste your mailto code. 
  • Grab the tiny url (e.g. https://tinyurl.com/y5qyeg7k)
  • Add that as the destination in Rise
  • Smile.