List of Storyline vs Rise pros and cons

I'm trying to put a list together for what the pros and cons are of Storyline and Rise.

Does anybody have anymore input for this list?

So far I have for pros/cons of Rise vs Storyline:


·         Simple workflow

·         Can Embed or Attach Anything (PDF, Video, etc.)

·         Cleaner courses with an encouragement towards small chunks.

·         Rapid workflow.


·         Less interactive than Storyline

·         Cannot sync audio and on-screen elements.

·         Elements are limited to pre-made blocks.



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James Lavis

To me they are different use cases. I ran a pretty thorough comparison and will be building my full department work in rise as we are a large scale operations based business. rise is money for SOP alignment and assessment. Now for any project that is for large curriculum like inventory management, I'll go SL. Rise has a far better flow to a module. PowerPoint needs to die and slide based learning does too. 

Nick Leffler

Hi Ashley, it's not about choosing one to use for everything. I'm trying to determine what types of projects fit with each tool. Software walkthroughs aren't as good for Rise but are for Storyline. Softskills might work better in Rise so I"m trying to decide on what the pros and cons are for each so that can be applied to ideal types of courses.

I'll take a look at that article. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Makes perfect sense, Nick! I didn't want you to feel like you had to be locked into one or the other. 

Let me know if that article helps! There is a broader article here to detail why you need each tool in Articulate 360. You also mentioned software simulations - and this was published recently, some great examples on what you could do with Storyline!

Enjoy. 😀 

Johan Hok

Hi, just wonder a few things about the pre-made elements:

a) Are there any known workaround to have elements, like labeled graphics, combined with other blocks like text etc in one lesson?

b) Is it on the roadmap for Rise to be able to use the present elements in the pre-made lessons in the custom blocks? When?


James Lavis

Hey Johan,

I had the same question in another post. When you create a learning section and select "add content", you are presented with predefined lesson templates and a custom one called blocks. If you select blocks, you cannot include the design elements of the pre-mades in there. For example, if you choose a block custom format, you cannot include a labelled interactive diagram right in that lesson as a block. You would have to create a second lesson and select diagram. 

The ability to include pre-defined elements as blocks is on the top of my list for requests.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jarek,

Thanks for checking in. Some of our development timelines have shifted, but we've still got the labelled graphic lesson as a block on our list and that's next on deck for our team!

Sorry for the delay and any confusion! I promise we won't make you ask for an update on these features though, all the discussions are tagged for update once the feature is released! 

Daniele Piras

Hi all of  you. I need some "compliance content", where i need some text "sildes" syinconized wiith its own audio. In addition I can not go the learner form a slide/page to another before a X number of munutes/seconds andor/until the single audio file is complited. This because the Compliance domain for these contents require that each content is of X minutes cause the totale training path HAVE TO be 30 at least 30 hours long; can I handle this requirements with Rise or  I can have them only using Storyline 360?

Unfortunatelly I have to decide what to do in the next few hours of the day :(

Thanks a lot in advance.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniele,

If you need to have slide text synced with audio and restrict the learners navigation based on a timing element - I'd look at using Storyline. You'll have all the features needed there to create a truly custom, interactive course and restrict navigation as much as you'd like. For example, in Storyline you can set the slides to automatically advance when the timeline ends vs. a user action such as clicking on a button. 

For future course building, here are some great examples of how the pros use Storyline vs. Rise - and I hope that gives you some inspiration!