Litmos and Rise SCORM Quiz Reporting (specifically failure scores)

I am missing something probably obvious. 

We cannot get the failed score to come through on a Rise SCORM assessment.  (We can get the passed score.)   Aside from publishing every type, loading, and testing -- can someone advise if this is possible?  If so, what setting am I missing?


Thank you in advance..


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Alyson! Thanks for sharing the details of what you're seeing in Litmos.

A great way to answer that question, "Is it my output, or is it the LMS?" is to test with SCORM Cloud. If it works properly on SCORM Cloud, it's a good indication that the issue is in the LMS.

We're happy to help you! Click here to privately share your output files, and we can tell you what we think. We delete everything when we're done troubleshooting.