LMS or Web? Rise iframes or storyline blocks??

Currently by inserting the Rise iFrame into our LMS/Learndash we are finding the iframe limiting e.g. with the size and scrolling up and down. I wonder how others are using these great articulate resources (Rise, Storyline) within LMS.  Especially Learndash.  If I want to avoid iframes as the main course content, should I put a few storyline interactions in within the LMS page of choices of content interactions?  Or a webpage to go to for each learning? 

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Saurabh Chauhan


You can add Rise or Storyline Content using iframe on any page of LearnDash LMS like the lesson, topic or quiz. There can be three possible ways to launch/play content:

  1. In-page (Current, you're using with iframe)
  2. Popup Lightbox
  3. NewTab Window

You try the two other ways here:

Rise Content: https://demo.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/courses/demo-learndash-course-with-xapi-slides-on-lesson/lessons/lesson-2/topic/articulate-rise-360-content/

Storyline Content: https://demo.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/courses/scorm-content-on-learndash-lms/quizzes/storyline-360-scorm-quiz/

I don't know if this is the best response but, I'm sure it may pop a new idea in your brain. Also, you can ask the same question in the LearnDash group for better responses.

LearnDash Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1020920397944393