LMS reveals "completed" button before SCORM file is completed


I have uploaded my SCORM file to LMS system. Settings in LMS are that "completed" button should appear when SCORM file is completed. For some reason "completed" button appears when employee is doing Rise Quiz chapter and after answering to the 2nd question (although there are 5 questions in quiz) "completed" button appears. Can you please advise what can cause that? My LMS said that it is something to do with SCORM file. Thank you!

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Sandra Aria

HI Alyssa,

I tried to test it in SCORM Cloud, but then realized that it's hard to notice the issue there, because in SCORM Cloud I don't have "complete" button from LMS which causes the issue. I uploaded a printscreen to illustrate what I mean. From the picture you see that I haven't completed the SCORM file, but green button "märgi läbituks/completed" in activated. It activates when I go to quiz chapter and answer to the 2nd question, but from LMS settings it should activate when the completion is 100%.