LMS vs Articulate...

I am such a noob at this and I still haven't completely figured out the difference between LMS and Articulate, so here comes perhaps a silly question:

If a company doesn't have an LMS but still wants a course - when I create it in Rise, where is that production stored? When I select Export > Web, can I tell the program where I want it to be stored? Or is it just stored automatically on Articulate servers for us to link to, and is there a storage limit...? 

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Ulises Musseb

Typically it should be stored in a LMS, a website, or anywhere accessible for learners to access it. The advantage of having a LMS is that it manages everything regarding storing, assigning, tracking progress, reporting and managing all the course related data. A LMS is not necessary to access courses, but it's best since it's possible to manage all learning events and related data.