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Karl Muller


I don't think you are going to come up with a useful load time metric as there are simply too many variables that could impact the course load time in a LMS.

The most obvious variable is the file size of the course.  For example, our smallest course has 5 small lessons with almost no media. Our biggest course has more than 150 lessons with many media items, and the differences in load time are very obvious.

Then there are issues such as internet connection speeds, LMS server load, just to name a few.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for reaching out. As Karl shared there are many variables for loading time, and every course, as well as LMS, may be unique to those variables.

There are many factors such as browser, version, device, LMS, internet or network connection, and even security or firewall settings that contribute to this. If you think your courses are loading too slow, regardless of the size, you can try uploading them to SCORM Cloud to test. If the upload speed changes, this may be due to your LMS. 

If the speed is the same, try another browser or device or network connection.