Localization and RISE - How Articulate Could Help

We've had heavy demand for localization of our software training.  If you've pursued this, you would know that it's very expensive, and, in our situation, we are updating our software every 2-3 months...which means our training usually has frequent changes.

So we've been exploring how we can use machine translation with a course we created in RISE.  Our course also contains Videos with English CC which we want to machine translate as well.

Here's what we discovered...but  it's a bit of a clunky user experience so we're wondering if Articulate would be interested in this for future enhancements to its product.

  1. In Google Chrome, you need to install the Google Translate extension.  This should place an icon on your toolbar.  GT icon
  2. Go to the RISE Course.  The Demo is here:  (this was just a random news article used for generic demo purposes) 
     https://rise.articulate.com/share/7XBAGxdiOPcxc-Ls_MjjnBRFI-nQc8VF,  click the GT Icon and choose Translate this page.
    Translate this page
  3. Choose what language you want to view
    Choose language
  4. View the course in that language
    View language


Now there are some hiccups... as you will see... for one, you have to keep asking for GT to translate each section as you go through the course... 

I've tested this out in a couple of LMS Systems (LITMOS, Brainshark) and both of them have the ability to still view it after SCORMing... you just have to tweak settings a bit to make the course show up in a fresh browser window instead of in an iFrame, and then have to right-click the browser window header ask it to display as a Tab so you can get to the GT icon.  As I said:  Clunky.

There's another twist:  The CC in the video in this demo course can also be translated on the fly.  This is a YouTube video... with only English CC.

When watching the video with CC turned on, go to Settings>Subtitles, and choose Auto-translate… you’ll get a list of languages. When you choose one of those, it will translate the English on-demand as well.

Auto translate

So, I would think it would be helpful if Articulate could do something to enhance this functionality from a UI perspective and help make it less Clunky.

Soliciting feedback and suggestions... we've got to make this happen one way or another.

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