Locate a specific image in the content library

I'm creating a series of courses with a common theme, and want to re-use a specific character I've created. When I built the first course, I used an image from the content library for this character, which I found using the search 'businessman'. I am now building the next course but when I do the same search in the content library, the picture is not returned in the results for the search 'businessman'. I have the image name (iv16ZowEKgIKMjEA-stock-image.jpg) and have tried searching by this, but no luck. Is there any way to locate specific images? Or is there any way of downloading images from the content library so that I don't face this problem in future?

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Karl Muller

If you are still using the image in a Rise course,  save it to your hard drive, and then  upload it to where you want to re-use it.

Or save that image block as a Template, and then insert that template into your new course.

If that doesn't work, upload the image here and I can try to find it.