Locked Continue button and Scenario builder in Rise

Hi Articulate heroes!

I'm building a course with a four-scene, complex scenario. I want the continue button to unlock only when the learner has made it to the final slide of the last scene. My experience so far is that when the continue button is set to 'complete block directly above', it does not unlock if the block above is a scenario. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Sarah Bezanson

Hm. When building the first scene, I wanted to delete a scene slide but deleted the 'end slide'. I can't find an option to create a new  end slide. The final slide of my final scene is set to link to 'end scenario'. I can't locate an option to create a new end slide and the system doesn't recognize the trigger without. Any advice?

Sarah Bezanson

Hi Marvie,

Strange. It was set this way, published, and immediately heard from learners it was not unlocking when they completed the scenario. I republished with it unlocked as an interim solution. After seeing your note, I reset it to unlock only after the block above (scenario) was completed and it would still not unlock. I ended up deleting the original continue button and adding a new one, and it is now working correctly.

Sonja Moore

Hi. The fix didn't quite work but when I selected Try Again and then re-selected Go to End of Scenario, it did work. I really appreciate the quick turn around on this. I'm now able to launch my training to 1,700 employees with only a week's delay. Many companies are completely unresponsive so this was very refreshing. Thanks again.