Locked Continue button and Scenario builder in Rise

Hi Articulate heroes!

I'm building a course with a four-scene, complex scenario. I want the continue button to unlock only when the learner has made it to the final slide of the last scene. My experience so far is that when the continue button is set to 'complete block directly above', it does not unlock if the block above is a scenario. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Marci Sheer

I'm having issues with the continue button - I want  to make sure the learner clicks through the entire scenario so I've been using all blocks above and - it's not opening the continue button even when all things are clicked through?
From the conversation above the only fixes I see is end the scenario with a text part in the scene or toggle and remove scenario end and put it back??? Is that correct?

Ryan Thompson

Hello, we ran into this problem today and used Crystal Horn's workaround from a year ago ...

"For the dialogue content, I noticed I had to toggle my "Go to" choices from End Scenario to another content piece and back to End Scenario. Once I did that, the continue button became active without having to click to start over. "

This fixed the issue of the user having to click "Start Over" in order for the Continue button to work correctly. How has this not been fixed yet?