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Aug 01, 2019

Dear Community,

I published a module in Rise for my LMS.  I have to publish as Scorm 1.2 

For tracking I used quiz result: final quiz 

Reporting: Passed/Failed

The Exit Course link is on.

The program I am having is when students are completing the module, it shows complete, their score, but it shows they did it in 0 time. No time is logging. 

I tried various hypothesis of whether they were dragging and not completing the video or audio portions vs. watching the entire module. The amount time in the module spent did not matter.   Any theories or options?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tamarah!

As a first step, I would test the course hosted in your LMS. Spend about 5 minutes in the course, then complete the quiz and exit. Do you see the correct time recorded in the LMS?

If not, the next step would be to test the output in another LMS environment, like SCORM Cloud. 

If you'd like a hand with any of this, we're here to help! Simply send the SCORM output file to us by clicking here. We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

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