Logo aspect ratio

I've seen a lot of posts from users disappointed about the size of the logo you can add to Rise. I'm happy to accept the limitations of such a great application but could you confirm the optimal aspect ratio for a logo?  Is it 163 x 68? I've been using trial and error but it would great if somebody knew and could let me know. Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jon! Rise 360 has a max height for logo size. And since Rise 360 is responsive, the max height varies depending on the screen size of the device you're using. 

Rise 360 will scale the logo size up or down to fit the max height, while also keeping the aspect ratio of your image. That prevents the logo from looking stretched or distorted. 

Let me know if you're having any problems adding a logo. Helpful details include what the image dimensions are and a screenshot of how the logo looks in Rise 360. You can even attach your image file here in the discussion. Thanks!

Paul Flecknell

I'm creating a version of our logo to fit the Rise requirements so the dimensions can be whatever the optimum size is. On a desktop the image has a maximum width too so depending on the aspect ratio of the image the height is adjusted. I'm not having trouble adding a logo - as the logo space is quite small I wanted to have the largest logo I could have. Responsive design still has a fixed size for maximum height. Thanks for the reply but it didn't really help.

Marvie Yap-Mulder

Hi Jon,

So Rise360 allow uploads of any image size and we do not explicitly recommend a particular pixel size for the logo because we are taking care of the image processing in the background for you. This ensures that your uploaded image provides us the original quality before we convert the image at its optimum size with quality considerations, keeping your image’s aspect ratio, for all devices where it will be displayed. Aspect ratio is basically just a proportion representation of how large the image’s width vs. its height. It has nothing to do with the pixel size. For example 533x400, 800x600, 1024x768 pixels are all 4:3 aspect ratio.

Before I continue on,  here's a quick disclaimer for my next paragraph : The suggestion you'll find below is not in any way official. I understand your frustration and I thought of sharing this so you could workaround with what you are trying to achieve, test how it feels and hopefully helps.

For a 1:1 image, whether it is 200x200 or 1000x1000px, it is displayed at 75 x 75px.

For a 16:9 image, the height varies based on the pixel width of your image, but try the max size of 140x70px.

For a 4:3 image 100x70px works.

For a 2:3 portrait image, 70x100px.