Logo in Rise sidebar

Hi- I have been searching the forum to find a way to get a logo in the Rise sidebar.  It seems the only option is to have the cover photo or your background color (which can be custom) to go atop the navigation on the side bar menu.  It would be great if a logo could do there instead.  It there any way to do this, similar to how you can add a logo in Storyline 360?   

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Stephen Beck

Articulate support says it is not doable, so I think the options are to suggest it as a feature request or to try to figure out how to "hack" a logo in after it is published.  

Per a feature request, they gave me the link:   https://articulate.com/support/contact/feature-request.  

Per diving into the code, it is really difficult because the generated course code has pages of code on single lines.  I was able 'find and replace' find the header image in one place, and replaced it with a logo, but the code seemed to ignore it.  So, even though I removed the only instance of the logo I could find in the code, the image still displayed.  I can imagine many code reasons for their code to be like this, but it doesn't help for finding it in a CSS file and swapping it with a logo. That said, they do not support this effort (understandably), but did suggest posting it in the forum.  

That said, I think a feature request is the way to go. The branding is great in storyline sidebar menu.