Losing some Rise lesson functionality after export

Hi, I love how my Rise lessons look when previewing them in Google Chrome. One feature in particular is the lesson scaling to fit my browser window. But after exporting the lesson to SCORM1.2 format and uploading to my LMS (Convergence), the learner gets a fixed size lesson that is not affected by resizing the window when taking the course. See the attached screen shot. The browser window can be re-sized (in this example larger than the lesson display), but the size of the lesson display is fixed. And if the browser window is scaled smaller than the lesson display, the lesson does not adjust; it is merely hidden off screen. 

Can you help?

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Karl Muller

Hi Steve, this issue is caused by your LMS.

Most LMS's offer you two choices to present your course:

  1. Run the course within the confines of the LMS. Based on your screenshot, this is what you are doing.
  2. Run the course in a new window, keeping the LMS window open in the background.

Using option 1, the LMS should still have settings that determines the size of the course within the LMS, either as pixels or %.

Using option 2 (what we do) provides the full range of responsive functions that Rise offers, just as if you were doing a Preview from within Rise.

Which LMS are you using?

Steve Hardy

Thanks Karl. I'm using Convergence. When uploading into Convergence I see the option to set the size of the course as you mentioned in Option 1 That's helpful, but I'm still guessing the resolution of my learners' screens.

I don't see an option to have the course run in a new window. I'll seek some help from Convergence, but let me ask could this be related to flash being blocked?