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Curtis Benhayon

I agree too. I had mentioned this exact thing in a LiveChat l had while dealing with another issue a while back. I too always use the sort function by Title. A change was implemented recently to avoid the reseting of the courses back to the TILE format if you had selected the ROW format but l don't understand why at that time this functionality was not also provided for RECENT vs TITLE format.

Thanks for raising this again. Robert Wild

JC Blanchard

Yes, and one more thing on this subject.  Rise should remember which folder you were in when returning to the dashboard.  I have several folders for different programs.  When I'm working on a particular program, I have to return often to the dashboard but I'm always taken to the "ALL COURSES" folder.  I then have to click on the folder I'm working on to get back to my courses.  I find it disrupts my workflow.  All those extra unecessary clicks  all add up at the end of the day.  This should be easy to fix.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

We made some updates to the Rise Dashboard based on feedback here in ELH and received on our feature request form. The Rise Version history includes a list of all the recent updates, and the item you may be interested in is:

  • You can sort the courses on your Rise dashboard alphabetically or by date, and now Rise remembers your choice each time you open your dashboard.

Hope that helps - and keep the great ideas coming! Feel free to share them here in ELH or send to our product team here!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robert and JC,

No ETA on this feature. I'd love to know a bit more detail on how the folders being sticky would also help - I personally don't have a ton of folders, so it's easy enough to click into them and have the other sorting elements remain the same. 

It's these additional details from users such as yourself that help our Product team understand the day to day work and how to best help! Feel free to share here in ELH, or send it along right here!

JC Blanchard

Hi Ashley,

I just submitted a feature request as you suggested.  Here is why this feature would be useful:

When you work on several projects for different clients, it’s nice to be able to organize courses in different folders. I usually work on one project at a time, maybe for several days.

So I’m working in one project folder but the problem is that each time I come back to the dashboard to access a course from the current project, I end up in the “All Courses” view, where I have many courses, and so not easy to find the one I want from that view.

To get back to my project, I have to click on my project folder in the left sidebar to access the files I’m working on. It might not seem like a big thing, but when you’re focused on a project, one extra click tends to disrupt your workflow, especially when you expect to be brought back to your original location while accessing the dashboard. Almost every program I work with remembers your last location when you open or even save files, so I expect the same behaviour from Rise. And this seems like it should be an easy fix.

Thank you for listening,


Curtis Benhayon

Thanks JC, this is exactly my experience too. I have over 20 folders, created for seperate course developments. With my work flow and behaviour l focus on accessing directly my Folders rather than the "All Courses" View. I rarely refer to the "All Courses" View as the courses l have listed in this view is now almost 100 courses. So my focus is to always go to my individual folders where l have sorted all my courses into relevant areas and it is much easier to identify the course l am working on in the folder view. 

Therefore, similar to JC, l tend to work on courses in a particular folder, rather than the more scattered approach of referring to All Courses, so it would be very helpful if Rise remembered the folder l had previously been. At the moment when l want to go back into the previous folder again, due to Rise defaulting back to the "All Courses" l have to scroll down my folder list to locate the previous folder and click on the folder to go back in and locate another course within this folder.

If it happens to be the same course l want to go back to then that's easy, l could sort All Courses by Recent and open the course at the top of the list (but even that is a click l have to do due to my default setting being Title). The issue is more when l want to open another course within the same folder, that's when the extra clicking is more annoying. To be taken directly back to the previous folder l was in would be much more supportive for my workflow.

So, in summary, l also like JC, tend to work on courses in a particular folder over several days so this new feature would mean l wouldn't have to do the extra scrolling and clicking every time l have exited a course.

Thanks, Rob