Making Articulate Rise Time Bound

Hi all, ready for a real head scratcher?

I'm looking for a way to make a course that has been created in Articulate Rise time-bound. I need the course to take someone at least 90 minutes to complete, ideally making it so that it won't be tracked as complete in their LMS until they have spent at least 90 minutes in the course. 

I know that Articulate Rise does not have the functionality to prevent people from moving on until a certain amount of time has passed. Storyline does, but this functionality can't be imported from one into the other. 

Another option that I am exploring is inserting an audio clip or animation into the top of each lesson, asking the user to click play to begin that lesson each time, and making the clip the length/duration that the lesson needs to be BUT as you can imagine, not a great user experience. 

Has anyone else tried to solve this problem before? Any creative ideas on what we could try welcome!

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