Making copies of a Rise document

Sep 21, 2017

We have a situation where we need to make multiple copies of a Rise document - and name each one something unique so we  know which is which.  Is there a way to name the "copy" and not have it affect the text on the beginning slide?  I do not want to change that at all - as it is technically the same course.  I just need our users to know which copy is which.  Thoughts?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Beth!

You can certainly duplicate a Rise course and keep the original name--Rise doesn't require that all courses have unique titles. 

I've got a couple of ideas for helping your users distinguish between courses with the same title. Try this:

Color Coding: customize the color theme of each course to a different color.

Course Description Identifier:
Add an identifier like "Course 1" to the description area on the main page. 


Hopefully that sparks some ideas for you! 

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