Making Custom Default Settings in Rise

May 03, 2019


I was able to make the custom settings in Rise such as add a logo, picture, custom color, font, etc.  But everytime I start a new course, these settings disappear and I have to add them again.

Is there some way to save these as the default settings (template) for every new course.

I understand how to use the templates, but the settings are not included in the "Blocks" for templates.

Many thanks,


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Janine,

I don't believe that there is an official way to set up a template for a course that includes the logo, colour scheme and fonts.

However, an easy alternative is to create a new course with all the default items set up the way you want them to be (you don't need to include any lessons or content) and then save it with a suitable name such as Course Template. When you want to start a new course, just click on the three dots on the Course Template block and duplicate it using the name of the new course, open the duplicated file and you should be good to go.

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