Making quizzes more interactive - Quiz Blocks, audio/video within quizzes

Hi everyone! Is there any chance we'll have quiz blocks anytime soon? I remember reading something related about it coming soon :). 

It would be great if a user-friendly way to add multiple questions under a quiz page became doable. The one question per slide certainly limits the possibilities with such an amazing tool.

And finally, one way to add multimedia aspects to your quiz question slides, such as audio/video within the very question, would work wonders for e-learning. 

Thanks! It's a lot of info but maybe the developers are working on some of these tools. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danilo,

We are working on some new knowledge check types in Blocks, and we'll let folks know as soon as they're ready. You can also keep an eye on our “What’s New” page for updates. 

You can add media to your questions right now - take a look at this quick example pulling from content library: 

e-learning masters

Thank you Ashley, looks good for quizzes :). I'm looking forward to having more features in the quiz sections, I understand it takes time to develop though :). 

The introduction of the Process Interaction in the blocks was an amazing feature! We were in the middle of a pretty tight deadline and this one added so much variety to the final product! Thanks! 

I'll check the What's new page to see what's in store now.