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Alyssa Gomez

Hi LaVon!

The marker caption will appear to the right or to the left of the marker, depending on it's placement on the image. Try moving the marker, and you'll see that it opens in the opposite direction. 

While there isn't a way to set a marker to always open to the right or left, I can certainly share that feature request with my team!

LaVon Bowman

I posted this question at another location but have not heard anything about how to do this.

I have a slide with 5 markers that I want learners to click before the Next but is active.

The course has many slides but I am sending only three. The secound slide has the markers. I followed directions but now a warning appears and I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Only want the Next button to function if they have clicked all 5 markers. Can I do this with Markers? Please help if you can.




Jeff Forrer

Hello. I looked at your file.   Hopefully this will help. 

You say you are seeing a warning.  I assume you are setting Next to be Normal when the state of the markers each are visited.  The markers don't have a visited state on them which is why you will see a warning. 

So, if you just go to each marker, duplicate the normal state and pick visited state for each, when you set the trigger to change Next to normal upon visited states of each marker, you won't get a warning because you have now added those states.  Does this make sense?

I just looked at your attached .png, so I see that I guessed correct about the warning.


Lärbyrån Digicy
LaVon Bowman

Is there any way to control the popup associated with a Marker? I would like to be able to control on which side of the marker the popup appears. It seems random. Can I choose right or left? If not is that a feature anyone else has had issues with? 

We just made some investigation on the same issue. Here's our documentation. It might be helpful.