Matching Quiz Question does not return answer as correct

This matching question does not give the correct answer even when right.  I've tried flipping the columns, same thing continues  to happen.

This first image all matches are correct: (Edit Mode) it also looks the same in Preview Mode.

Edit mode

When Submit button clicked it states incorrect.

Correct answers but showing as incorrect

I'm guessing the check mark is stating that is the only item that had the correct match, issue is all have correct matches.

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Karl Muller

I don't understand the content of your course, so I'll use a generic example. 

1. Image below shows how items need to be set up in Edit mode.

Edit Mode

 2. Image below shows one example of how the items on the left could be scrambled by Rise during Preview. The items on the right will never change position.

Preview mode: before answering

3. Image below shows how the items on the left need to be sorted to get a correct answer.

Preview mode: after answering

Allison LaMotte

Hi Dana,

It looks like you have multiple items in the right-hand column that are the same (SIRS Criteria shows up twice and Organ Dysfunction shows up 3 times). I'm guessing that's where your problem is coming from.

In Rise, each matching item must have only one correct answer. It doesn't have a way of recognizing that for items 1 and 3 in the lefthand column, either instance of SIRS criteria should be marked as correct. And when you're viewing the course as a learner, you have no way of differentiating between the two instances of SIRS Criteria, therefore it's easy to unknowingly match up the "wrong" instance of SIRS Criteria to the items on the left.

For this reason, it's best if all the items in both columns are unique.

I would either:

  1. Group all the items on the left with the same answer together.
  2. Create a separate multiple choice question for each item on the left with two possible answers: SIRS Criteria or Organ Dysfunction.

I hope that makes sense! If not please let me know. :)