Menu automatically changes to sidebar from compact Menu

Dec 16, 2022

Hi Team,

We have created a rise course with Compact menu and it is working great, but when we change the display setting it automatically changes to Sidebar menu instead of Compact menu. Any advice on this would help.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Moses. It sounds like you're talking about this menu style change when previewing different devices:

animation of navigation menu switching styles on different screens

On small screens, such as smartphones, the sidebar automatically collapses to give your content more room, and learners can open it when they need it. Since the compact menu is pretty small, on tablet portraits and mobile devices, the navigation style will switch to sidebar for usability.

Angelo Cruz

Hello Starr! I see you've submitted a feature request regarding the sections in the sidebar menu to be collapsed when a user starts the course. Our team will take a look at your request for consideration and reach out to you if we make changes that will help.

We love hearing from you and getting your ideas and suggestions. You may check this article to know more about our process for handling feature requests.