Mix & match

Aug 27, 2019

Dear all,

We would like to know if we can mix and match the 2 products : Rise and Storyline. For example, if we develop some modules in Rise and others in Storyline, can we put them together in the same course? ie module 1 and 3 in Rise then modules 2 and 4 in Story line ect.

Many thanks for your assistance.

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Holley Berley

Hi Veronica,

As Diane mentioned, you can add Storyline blocks into Rise.  They will be housed within the Rise layout (visually, it'll be similar to embedding a video).  The tracking capabilities for the Storyline blocks aren't quite the same as when strictly using Storyline.  However, I've had great success with the Storyline blocks.  All you have to do when publishing your course in Storyline is publish to Review 360, then open a Storyline (interactive) block in Rise and select your Storyline course from Review.

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