More marker types please

Jun 14, 2018

Is it possible to add more marker types please? An even better solution would be to allow designers to upload their own marker types. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Angel 👋 Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I'd love to help! 

From what I understand you're looking to add more marker styles to the existing 26 types in the Labeled Graphic lesson type:

Marker Types

I'm happy to share your idea on an upload feature with our product team, and I'm also curious to know more! Can you share what marker types you'd like to see added?

One option may be to create the lesson that needs a specific marker type in Storyline, and then use a Storyline block to upload it to your Rise course – best of both worlds!

I'll be here! 

Zachary Briner

I would like to add a bit of feedback/suggestion. While I like the various styles provided, depending on the visual I'm working on, the glowing ring that animates around the marker is distracting. Especially when I have several them on a single image. It would be great if you could disable the animation surrounding the marker and also if you could add transparency to the markers as well. I know it sounds absurd to add transparency to a marker when its whole goal is to be visually present, but for some images, just adding a 20 - 30% transparency would greatly add to the experience, when trying to highlight specific pieces, the marker would not obstruct as much. 

Thank you!

Katie Riggio

Thanks again, Angel, and thanks for adding your voice, Zachary!

I've submitted two feature requests on your behalf: one to have more marker types in the Labeled Graphic lesson and the other to have more control of its visual/animation settings. You should receive separate email confirmations about them shortly!

We're always looking at new features as well as updating existing ones, so your input is vital in that process! Feel free to send any other thoughts you may have here or through our Feature Request form! 🌟

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