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Patricia de Souza

I am trialing Articulate 360 and trying to get my head around using Rise...

I have just entered a block in the wrong lesson - Like Angie above, I want to move it to the correct lesson.... Can this be done (easily) ?

I dont want to create a template as I doubt I will use that particular block again - I just want to move it to the lesson it should be in!

Martika Cox

Hi Patricia,

Right now, the only way to do this is to create a block template and then insert the template into another lesson. If you don’t plan to re-use it, you can always delete it afterwards.

Learn more about creating block templates here.

If the ability to move blocks from lesson to lesson would make authoring in Rise easier for you please feel free to submit a feature request.

I hope this helps - please reach out if you have more questions!

2Training Loan

Yes, the ability to move blocks from lesson to lesson, freely, would make authoring in Rise easier! Not to mention when doing review on course structure, if collabs had the option to change structure as a suggestion and then when approved, it would generate a new version. Stepping back and forth in versions in combination with moving blocks from lesson to lesson would be powerful.

Darren McNeill

I have put in the request also. An example is that recently a client wanted all blocks in one lesson and we built a project which took 6 months to complete as each block was a video that had to be developed. Once done the client asked to see the project split out to separate lessons to see if the flow was better for the users. They wanted it quickly.

We should not have to tell customers that something either cannot be done or more time consuming.

I t would be useful to be able to drag between lessons or have the option to choose " Move to Lesson X, Y or Z " etc.