Moving Several Rise 360 quizzes into Blackboard's Gradebook

Mar 05, 2020

Hello all,

I am a new user to Rise 360 and so far love the tool.  I hope the shared knowledge of this community can help me with my current problem.  Here it is:

I have a client who would like for us to create a course in Rise 360 and then import the SCORM packages into their current Blackboard LMS.  They would like to have 50% of the final grade coming from 4 formative quizzes and 50% of the grade coming from a final exam.  I have seen other discussions on how Rise 360 can bring in a single quiz grade when you publish your Rise 360 course to Blackboard and track at the quiz level.  However, there is only the option to track at the individual quiz level.  I need to track all 5 quizzes and put those scores into the Blackboard gradebook.  Any ideas on how to have Rise 360 track completion for all 5 quizzes instead of just one? Do I need to make the quizzes using another tool in the tool suite, like quizmaker or storyline?

Thank you,

Matt Schneider

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