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Feb 23, 2017

Hello awesome Heroes!

I am developing a course and set the navigation to restricted. Based on that logic, I was under the impression that if a user doesn't pass the quiz (which to me is the same as if they didn't complete all the interactions on a Pre-built lesson), they wouldn't be able to continue to the next "lesson". 

We need to include a congratulations/conclusions slide for when they pass the test. As of right now, even with the navigation restricted they are able to move to the next slide which can be pretty confusing and even misleading. 

This will pose as a hinderance especially since we export our courses as a SCORM package to our LMS, tracking using quiz results and report the completion status as Passed/Incomplete. 

Unfortunately this will be the dealbreaker for using this platform if we can't restrict a user to take the quiz again before they move to the next "lesson".

Please let me know if anything can be done in the meantime, we are set to launch in 2 weeks and I need to know asap if we have to develop in storyline.

Thank you so much!

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LaVon Bowman

I have the same issue as others. In Rise, I have a course built with 4 sections. At the end of each section, there is a non-graded quiz. After the quiz even when they pass with 100% it does not allow them to continue on to the next section. What am I doing wrong? Or does Rise not allow them to move on if there is a quiz? Now I am thinking there should be no quiz after each section and only have it at the end of the course. This is not what we want because the learner should be able to have non-graded questions as practice for the final one at the end of the course.

Any suggestions to allow me to keep a quiz at the end of each section and still be able to see an advance message so they can move to the next section?

Alex Bradley

Hi Ashley, 

The Require Passing Score to Continue feature has made a huge difference to me - thank you for adding it!  I have some questions if I may?

The LMS my client is using does NOT record multiple attempts at the quiz in a Rise course when a user clicks 'retake quiz' . My first question is - does Rise return these values? I am wondering if it is the LMS not picking up on this data or whether Rise does not return data on no. of quiz attempts and scores at each attempt when a user clicks the 'retake quiz' option? I export Rise courses using tin-can. 

If Rise does not return data on no. of quiz attempts, then we want to take away the 'retake quiz' option altogether to force learners to close the course down and reopen it. We know that this act of closing the course down and reopening it will return a value to the LMS of '2nd attempt'. Here is my 2nd question if we go down this route: if we take away the 'retake quiz' option AND switch on Require Passing Score to Continue, how can we inform the learners that fail the quiz that they need to close down the course and reopen it and start again from the beginning. Is there a way we can get this message to the learners when they are staring at the 'you have failed' page? Without this kind of message, I feel the user experience dips a little and they are left wondering 'what next?'

If we switch OFF Require Passing Score to Continue, then of course the learner can continue past the failed quiz and we could include something like this. But this presents another a problem in that user records in the LMS will show 100% course completion with a failed quiz status which goes against the whole point of the Require Passing Score to Continue feature.      

I have always struggled a little with this conundrum so I would be very grateful for any help / advice / suggestions.




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